5 Lessons You Can Learn From A Millionaire Trader

I’ve had the pleasure to train and work closely with my business partner, Andy Man for many years now. One thing that still amazes me to this day is the success that Andy has achieved as a trader and in life. From a newbie trader to a millionaire trader within 5 years is a great story to share. As much as I’ve taught and shared with him my trading experiences, I’ve learned a lot from him. Recently, Andy Man sat down with the editor of Addicted2Success and shared his 5 Lessons of Success in Trading and in Life.   CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE.


I’ve shared some of my views of Andy Man’s lessons below.


Lesson 1: The psychology of trading can teach you a lot about entrepreneurship


Trading for yourself is like starting your own business and being an entrepreneur. There’s a risk in having no stable income but you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You’re the boss and all the hard work you put, can potentially give you all the rewards that you’re looking for. However, you gotta be disciplined and have a plan to get there as no one is going to tell you.


Lesson 2: The power of constantly learning


 Some of the most successful people in the world tell me that even though they have achieved so much in life, they tell me they still have so much to learn. In order to be successful, you gotta push yourself to keep learning and adapting to the new environment. Things can change very quickly and if you’re not keeping up to date on everything then you’re going to be left behind.


Lesson 3: Plan your day for success


Before you sleep at night, write down a list of things that you want to have accomplished by the next day. This way, when you wake up in the morning, you’re already focused and ready to start tackling all the items that you want to have done. You’ll be amazed at how many things you get done by planning your day for success.


Lesson 4: Always be on a journey to mastering personal growth


Success is not achieved in one day or one week or even 1 year. Success is a journey that you work on every single day to help you get closer to your goals. As long as you’re growing personally or professionally then I guarantee that you will reach your goals.


Lesson 5: Switch your mindset from employee to entrepreneur


 The majority of financially successful people do not work for anyone besides themselves. They are investors, entrepreneurs with their own businesses or traders. Even if you’re currently working for someone, build a set of skills that you can use one day to be your own boss.