SER MAN TRADERS is a world class, trader development facility in Vancouver to offer a complete mentorship experience. Our company was created to help traders build their trading business through education, guidance and access to a vibrant community of professional traders. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced trader still struggling to find success, we have a proven training model to develop consistently profitable traders.


In 1999, Mike began his journey as a professional trader and through his years of determination, perseverance and passion for the financial markets, he achieved much success as a trader. Due to his success, in 2005 he went on to form a financial education company dedicated to teaching and sharing with others what he did. This was when he met Andy who was fascinated about the financial markets and enrolled in Mike’s trading program in 2006. Over the next few years, Mike worked closely with Andy to develop a customized trading plan that would help Andy make consistent profits through trading. With Mike’s mentorship and valuable experience under his belt, 2011 was the big breakthrough for him as a trader. That year, Andy turned $1,600 into $1.7 Million becoming an instant millionaire.

With this success and many others, Mike realized that he had developed a unique trading methodology that increases a trader’s probability of success. Having trained thousands of traders from around the world and seeing lots of successes as well as failures, his approach was to treat each trader as unique from each other. His methodology revolved around developing a personalized trading program that considers each individual’s personality, risk tolerance, lifestyle and many other factors.

Upon coming back from Toronto and New York, Mike found a lack of trader education, resources and community affecting Vancouver traders. With this in mind, Andy joined forces with Mike in 2012 to build a vibrant trader ecosystem and community where they would be able to share their valuable experiences and knowledge with the trader community in Vancouver. This was when Ser Man Traders was born.


At SER MAN TRADERS, we help traders shorten their time frame to profitability, and make money in the real markets. In addition, we want to help you experience the lifestyle of being a trader. It’s about helping you achieve financial freedom, independence, and the opportunity to choose the quality of life you want to live. The possibilities are endless and we’ll work together to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle. Lastly, we started this company to build a community of professional traders who share ideas, strategies and tools that make money with each other. The power of working together as a team is priceless.