VIDEO: Forex Trading – A Look At The US Dollar Versus Canadian Dollar


In this video, we are going to analyze the currency markets and specifically focus on the US Dollar’s value versus the Canadian Dollar. The US Dollar has benefited greatly from the recovery of the US economy while the Canadian dollar has been hit hard by the weak commodity markets. Which way does the US Dollar…

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Upcoming Workshop @ NY Traders Expo (Feb 21-23)

traders expo

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the World Money Show in Toronto where I talked to attendees about the importance of not being a Jack of All Traders, meaning that you should focus on becoming an expert in 1 specific area of trading rather than trying to know everything about the…

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The Canadian Loonie Hits 13 Year Lows. Are we seeing a recession in the Canadian Economy?

Canadian loonie falling

Our Canadian loonie has been dropping in value ever since early 2014 and hit a 13 year low of 68.74 cents this past week. The last time the loonie was worth less than 69 cents US was nearly 13 years ago, in April 2003. This was the 11th straight day that the Canadian currency has dropped against the…

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Oil prices break below $30. How low can oil prices go?

crude oil

Oil prices have fallen sharply in the past year and it has been very good for consumers. Oil producers? Not so much. Due to low oil prices, we have benefited from cheaper airplane tickets and lower gas prices. But will these low oil prices be the norm for the near future? Last week, oil prices…

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VIDEO: How to Profit from the Upcoming BEAR Market


The US Stock Market has been going up since it hit the bottom in 2009. We are now in the 7th year of the BULL MARKET. Could we be at the start of a BEAR Market where stock prices go down? If so, how can we profit from it? Watch the video to find.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaks All-time US Box Office Record


For those who haven’t seen the latest Star Wars movie, please go see it. I saw it during the holidays and I truly enjoyed every minute of the movie. It seems that many people agreed with me as the movie has become the all-time US box office record holder, beating Avatar which made over $760M.…

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2016 New Years Market Forecasts


Happy New Years Traders! We hope you had an extremely profitable 2015 in the financial markets! 2015 didn’t disappoint in terms of volatility as we saw commodities like oil prices drop dramatically from the high 60’s down to the current 30’s levels. As well, we saw precious metals like Gold, Silver and a whole slew…

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US Expected To Raise Interest Rates For The First Time In 7 Years


This past Friday, the US Employment Report for November showed an increase of over 200,000 of new jobs added and a steady unemployment rate of 5%. This strong jobs report met analysts expectations and gave an optimistic picture of the recovering US economy. More importantly, it gave the BIG THUMBS UP signal to the US…

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University of Toronto Trader Workshop – Lessons Learned from University Traders


This past week, I got invited by the Hart House Investment Club at the University of Toronto to speak to a group of university students and to share my trading experiences with them. I want to take this opportunity to share with you what was discussed at this workshop and why these university students may…

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When Does an IPO Make Sense for Your Business?


We recently got profiled by on our thoughts on when does it make sense for a private company to go public on the Stock Exchange. Personally, we think that if you run a profitable and successful private company then you shouldn’t go public at all. There are many reasons and we have listed a…

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