Vlog19: Feng Shui


In this episode, Mike talks about Feng Shui which is an ancient Chinese study of harmonizing the elements to increase your fortune. He describes some of the basic principles, and how he applied it to his trading office.

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Vlog 18: What is a Stop Loss?


In this episode, Mike explains the concept of a Stop Loss, and how traders can use it to potentially save them a lot of money. This is definitely a must watch!

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Vlog 17: How to Spot Trading Opportunities


In this episode, Mike gives tips on how to spot trading opportunities that gives a big profit. He also shares the tools that he uses to filter stocks as well.

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Vlog 16: What are ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)?


In this episode, Mike describes what exchange traded funds are, and the advantages that it has over some of the other funds out there, and how you can use ETFs as a trading instrument. With ETFs, you have diversification, lower management fees, access to international markets.

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Vlog 15: Mike’s Workstation


In this episode, Mike shows his trader workstation that a lot of you have been wondering about. He also shows his screens, and talks about how all this helps him to be a better trader.

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June Event Recap


June was a very busy month for us, we were invited to many events, and hosted a few ourselves as well. We met a lot of new friends, and traders, and caught up with the trader community. Here is a recap of last month’s events, hopefully we will see some of you in future events.

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Vlog 14: Why do traders lose money?


In this episode, Mike describe a few of the mind set that traders goes through, and why they lose money.

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Vlog 13: Trading as a home business


Entrepreneurs are under stress because of clients, inventory, employees, and office space, which makes trading ideal to have as a home business. In this episode Mike describes why trading is the ultimate home business.

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Vlog 12: Community


Community is very important in many aspect of our life. Trading is no exception. At one of the monthly trader meet ups at beautiful Bridges restaurant in Vancouver, Mike describe why he has build this trader community and why it’s so important.

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Vlog 11: What is day trading?


People often assume that when someone says “I’m a trader.”, they mean day trader. However, a lot of people dont understand what it is exactly like to be a professional day trader. Today, Mike breaks down what a day trader is from his 14 years of experience.

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