Vlog 10: How to hit the homerun trade


One of the questions that Mike gets asked is “How do I make the big money?” Today, Mike uses baseball as a metaphor on how to hit homerun trade. Mike gives three tips that anyone can follow to hit that homerun trade and make big money!

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Vlog 9: Poker & Trading


In this episode, Mike talks about how poker and trading are similar, and how the skills of a good poker player can be translated to trading as well.

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Vlog 8: Drive4Change Charity Car Show


We were invited to be at a charity car show event hosted by our friends at DRIVE4CHANGE. We saw a lot of exotic cars like the $850000 Conquest Evade, the new Jaquar F-Type and etc. The event donated proceeds to the BC Children’s hospital, and was a huge success.

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Vlog 7: Andy Man’s 3 Keys to Success


In this episode, one of Mike’s most successful student, and trader coach Andy Man talk about his keys to success.

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Vlog 6: Personality Traits of a Successful Trader


In this episode, Mike talks about some of the misrepresentation that the media portraits about traders; and he talks about what he has seen key traits that make a trader successful.

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Vlog 5: Emotional States of an Amateur Trader


In Today’s episode, Mike shows some of the emotional breakdowns an amateur trader could have that potentially can affect his decisions. Mike also shows how professional traders controls their emotions so it doesn’t affect their decision making.

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Vlog 4: Short Selling


In this episode, Mike explains one of the most used techniques; Short Selling, which is a way to make money when the market is on a down trend.

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Vlog 3: How to pick stocks


Ever wonder how to pick the right stocks for you? In this episode, Mike talks about how to pick stocks? Next week, we will talk about a very important technique in trading; Short Selling

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Vlog 2: How To Get Started In Trading


In this episode, Mike answers one of the most asked questions. “How do I get started?”. In the next episode, Mike talks another important topic “How to pick stocks”. So please subscribe to our YoutTube channel, and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Our friends at Drive4Change is hosting a Summer Super Car Charity Show. We will be at this great event checking out the world’s most exotic cars! Come and join us to have some fun!¬†Proceeds of this event will benefit the BC Children’s Hospital. Below is the information for this awesome event: Friday June 7th 5:30pm…

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