A growing number of China Investors are eyeing US Stocks


With the state of growth in the Chinese economy under increasing scrutiny, and the Chinese stock market largely distrusted by local citizens, more and more investors from China are directing their money into the US stock market. In light of the Chinese stock market ‘bubble’ that burst last year, nearly 500,000 Chinese investors have sought…

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How should you trade during your retirement years?

Just because you're in your retirement, doesn't mean you need to give up trading

As we enter our retirement years, naturally our appetite for risk changes as we seek to preserve enough capital to sustain our lifestyle and that of our family. But does that mean you should stop trading? Certainly not! Here are three key ways to trade during your retirement. Only Trade with Risk Capital – putting…

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Highlights from the New York Traders Expo 2016

ny traders expo

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the ‘2016 International Traders Expo” in New York City. This annual event is the largest gathering of traders, all sharing their own stories and techniques for success. Not only was it wonderful to interact with over 70 elite traders in attendance, but it…

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How to become an Overnight Trading Success Story


As traders, we all yearn to become an overnight success – dreaming we will make a million dollars through our trading. My partner and I have been fortunate enough to do just that, and we’re happy that we’ve empowered a few of our students to achieve the same also. But this success wasn’t an overnight…

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The best music to listen to while trading

A peaceful trading environment can help maintain a sense of calmness while trading. How is your trading room set up?

When it comes to trading, it’s important to ensure that the environment you’re working in is one that is going to facilitate your chances of success, not impede it. When people discuss with me about my trading environment, they often assume I am immersed amongst business news channels like CNBC or Bloomberg. The reality is…

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Could computers completely replace all human traders?


It goes without saying but in recent years, many things around us have become driven by computers. The world of trading is no different – once reliant on traders to place their trades, we now have computers that conduct up to 70% of trading volume on the NYSE. In fact, when I last visited the…

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Tesla’s affordable Model 3 Sedan is coming soon. Is this a BUY SIGNAL?


Already regarded as a leader in the luxury electric car space, Tesla (TSLA) announced last week that it will be introducing the ‘Model 3’ sedan for preorder from March 31 – at $35,000, it will be aimed towards the more affordable segment of the luxury market. With its ‘Model S’ sedan currently retailing for approximately…

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How to trade the Chinese New Year trends


With the Chinese New Year upon us, people all over the world will be welcoming in the year of the monkey! While the Chinese markets will be closed for a week-long holiday, we’ve decided to analyze the market trends that typically succeed during this period. It goes without saying that in recent times, Chinese markets…

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Down over 40% in 1 day, is it time to buy LinkedIn?


As far as one-day price drops go, for a stock to lose more than 40% there is never to going to be a shortage of attention – even more so when that particular stock happens to be a tech giant. Despite posting revenue and earnings results for the fourth quarter that beat analysts’ forecasts, LinkedIn…

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The key to successful trading


Two of the most respected businessmen in Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have shared their thoughts on the primary characteristic required to succeed, and they are on the same page too. Indeed, both men consider focus as the preeminent feature behind both of their distinguished careers. Buffet has always been one to hone his focus…

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