Does the Futures Market Predict the Future?


We have gotten a lot of emails from our students asking us what markets and what trading instruments we use to trade. One market we like trading in is the Futures Market and is not suitable for everyone due to the short term and volatile nature of the market. The Futures Market is an auction…

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Our 3 Best Investing Advice


We get asked quite often by investors for our opinions on both short and long term investment opportunities. Eventhough we are focused on trading short term opportunities, the same rules apply to irregardless of your timeframe. Here are our 3 best investing advice that we can give. It may sound simple but simplicity is the…

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Time To Buy Oil?


Oil prices have fallen sharply due to the slowing global economy as well as the high inventory levels of oil. Have oil prices hit a bottom? Is it time to buy oil right now? Mike Ser takes a look.

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Have The Casino Stocks Bottomed?


The Gaming Sector, specifically the casino stocks have performed poorly ever since Macau, the gambling capital of the world had been hit with China’s slowing growth and the China govt’s anti-corruption campaigns. You know that the HOUSE ALWAYS WINS! Is it time to buy now? Mike Ser looks at the casino sector.

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Arbitrage Investment Strategy


There’s a saying that goes. You need money to make money. In the current low interest rates environment, there’s some opportunity for those who can borrow cheap money to invest in higher yielding investments. One very simple example is through credit cards. Some of you may have received low or even 0% promotional interest rate…

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4 Investment Mistakes That People Should Avoid Making


 We’ve had the opportunity to work with many students over the years who don’t have a clue as to where or how to invest their money. The biggest reason is they were neither taught how to manage their finances or investments in school/work and then when they have some money to put into an investment, they…

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5 Lessons You Can Learn From A Millionaire Trader


I’ve had the pleasure to train and work closely with my business partner, Andy Man for many years now. One thing that still amazes me to this day is the success that Andy has achieved as a trader and in life. From a newbie trader to a millionaire trader within 5 years is a great…

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Episode 5: The Early Birds

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.00.58 PM

In today’s episode, Mike oversees the progress of three students who have the most trading experience amongst the group. Chris Scott is currently a 3rd year Finance student who had always been passionate about the business world. Chris started exploring the financial markets at a young age and decided to make use of his outstanding analytical…

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Episode 4: The Tech Team


In this episode, we follow the trading progress of Kelvin and Scott. Both are business students who share a passion for the financial markets. They did not know each other prior to going through Mike Ser’s training program but they ended up as trading buddies. Watch to see how having a trading partner can potentially…

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Episode 3: The ETF Trader


In this episode, we follow the progress of Roy Huang, one of the aspiring university traders. He is a 4th year university business student who knew very little about the stock market prior to working closely with Mike but he’s determined to make it as a full-time trader. Throughout his trading journey, Roy discovers his…

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