Episode 2: Trading In The Trenches

student traders image

In today’s episode, Mike’s students have finished the training part of the program and are given an opportunity to sit alongside Mike as he trades the LIVE markets. For many of them, this is the first time seeing a professional trader in action. As well, on the following day, all of them get to experience…

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Episode 1: The Start of A Trader’s Journey

episode 1

Nine students start their trading journey today by making the decision to enroll in Mike Ser’s trader development program. We will follow their progress as they go through intense training, live trading sessions and more in hopes to earn a spot on the Ser Man Traders trading team.

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The Next Trader Generation: Gen Y Trailer


Nine university students are eager to make it BIG in the trading world. Some of these students are still in school while some are recent graduates looking to bypass the traditional 9 to 5 job career. What is common among all of them is they want to prove to themselves that they can make it…

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Millionaire Trader Part 2: Andy Man & Frank Guo


Here is part 2 of the interview with Mike’s two millionaire traders.

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A Good Nap Can Be Good For Traders


How often do people, especially traders get a full 8-hour sleep every night? I think most of you would agree that we don’t usually get all the sleep we want and one-third of us don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can create many problems such as slower reactions and lowered mental-processing ability. For traders,…

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Millionaire Traders Part 1: Andy Man & Frank Guo


Mike sits down with 2 of his most successful students, Andy Man, and Frank Guo. Each of them have made over 1 million dollars through trading. They share their experiences, and thoughts about becoming a successful trader.

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Millionaire Trader Interview: Frank Guo


Today, we interview one of Mike’s most successful student Frank Guo. He has an amazing story to share about how he opened up a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) with just $10k and turned it into over $800k in under 3 years. The best part is all his profits were TAX FREE. As well, you’ll…

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Millionaire Gold Trader Interview: Andy Man


Millionaire gold trader Andy Man shares his trading experience. He talks about how he got started, and some of the challenges he went through, and what was key for Andy to achieve his great success. Andy also gives suggestions to young traders on how to become good traders.

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Vlog 30: Risk Management


In this episode, Mike summarizes a few of the topics covered in previous videos to explain the the importance of risk management. Also, Mike gives tips on how to manage your risk. This is definitely one episode you can’t miss.

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Vlog 29: Life Outside of Trading


In this episode, Mike talks about the importance of having a personal life outside of trading. Having a hobby, and taking vacations are crucial parts of keeping yourself emotionally balanced which helps you to make better trading decisions.

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