Episode 5: The Early Birds

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In today’s episode, Mike oversees the progress of three students who have the most trading experience amongst the group. Chris Scott is currently a 3rd year Finance student who had always been passionate about the business world. Chris started exploring the financial markets at a young age and decided to make use of his outstanding analytical skills in becoming a trader. Jessie Simpson is an art student who had been studying trading for a few years. As she became increasingly intrigued by the financial markets in the past a year and half, she is now serious about pursuing trading as a career. Chris Tomizza grew up in a family with a lot of experience in the financial markets. Being heavily influenced by his father, Chris was put into the mindset of a trader at a young age and started to manage a small portfolio of his own. As these aspiring students trade under Mike’s supervision, they learned to make better judgement and minimized mistakes that even experienced traders could make.

As the race to the top continues, will these early birds catch the worms?


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