Our 3 Best Investing Advice



We get asked quite often by investors for our opinions on both short and long term investment opportunities. Eventhough we are focused on trading short term opportunities, the same rules apply to irregardless of your timeframe. Here are our 3 best investing advice that we can give. It may sound simple but simplicity is the key.

  1. Know what the maximum $ risk you are taking before you invest. Assume the worst case scenario that you lose all your money in the investment and ask yourself if you’re comfortable with that risk. If not, stay away. There’s no guarantee in any investment. Let’s say that you
  1. Research. Research. Research. Do your due diligence on the investment opportunity. Check sources and references. Don’t rely on others to do the research for you. A good rule is don’t invest in something that you don’t understand.
  1. Learn from successful investors and see how they analyze and determine good investment opportunities. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Look for best practices from the experts and try to replicate the process in how they assess investment opportunities.

Mike Ser

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