Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaks All-time US Box Office Record


For those who haven’t seen the latest Star Wars movie, please go see it. I saw it during the holidays and I truly enjoyed every minute of the movie. It seems that many people agreed with me as the movie has become the all-time US box office record holder, beating Avatar which made over $760M. Keep in mind that it only took 18 days for the movie to reach this record and it didn’t take into account worldwide box office sales. So far, Star Wars has earned $1.5B globally and will probably become the BIGGEST grossing movie of all time soon. This has made Disney (DIS), the company that acquired the movie franchise in 2012 for $4B look like a genius as it’s raking money like crazy. This doesn’t even include the sales from merchandise toys, streaming tv rights and a whole slew of Star Wars branded projects. For those who have followed Disney’s stock price, it has gone up along with the anticipation of the success of the Star Wars movie.

Now that the stock price has come back down, there could be an opportunity to own this stock.


The stock price seems to have a support price level between $96 – $97. The downside could be around $90 for this stock. Anything lower and we could see lower prices. If we continue to see a stock market crash or correction, all bets are off on this stock.

DISCLOSURE: We do own any shares in Disney (DIS) stock.