I believe our students say it best, and here is a small collection of testimonials we have on file... there are many more.

The Trader Program makes the complicated stock market simple and easy to win. The foundational keys and practices are all spelled out and easy to follow. The system is concise and exciting to master.
 LaWanda Davis
LaWanda Davis Georgia, USA
I highly recommend ‘The Trader Program’ to anyone interested in taking control of their own destiny. I found the course to be very specific and to the point, not a lot of confusion or unnecessary learning. Mike’s program is suitable for new traders through to the more advanced trader.
Morgan Clark
Morgan Clark Australia
Mike has put together an exceptionally comprehensive training program for trading. From the beginning of the program, straight through to end, there are no half-baked theories or incomplete thoughts. You will learn the exact same methods that Mike uses to be successful. Make no mistake, for a trader of Mike’s caliber to be willing to share his methods and to be able to teach them in such an elegant way, is truly rare. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader, there will undoubtedly be much you can learn from this program. Mike’s training program has changed my life. I am forever grateful to Mike for sharing his incredible insight, which now allows me to live my life with endless possibilities.
Alex Yeung
Alex Yeung Vancouver, Canada
Mike’s trading program is like none I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen a LOT! I’ve been a student of the markets for 35 years and taken numerous investment and trading courses in stock, futures, forex, and options. As a graduate of the “school of hard knocks” I’ve never had much success until now. Mike’s program has all those other programs beat! How is that? This program first teaches the principles and techniques of swing trading. Then, following the 5 weeks of instruction, Mike Ser, the pro trader/instructor, holds our hands for the next 2 months as we go through potential trade after trade after trade. We review not only the good ones, but the mediocre and bad ones as well, stepping through a specialized “trading plan” that outlines all the factors that consistently encompass a good trade.
Jay Jolly
Jay Jolly California, USA
It was a great and insightful experience working with Mike as a trainer, he compiles years of knowledge in a way that is so simple to follow that it appears as if something is missing, but is not. That’s the amazing thing. The step by step process is very simple and it works. And he provides top of the line support.

I would certainly recommend and have already recommended. Even if they are not going to use the knowledge right away everybody should learn how to trade also the money/risk management rules can be used for other similar areas.

It doesn’t require previous experience in trading or any specialized knowledge, with the training received you can, working part time, have a better lifestyle, since you can do it no matter were you are. And also you can work whenever you want, if there is a day you don’t feel like working then don’t need to… there are always opportunities in the market to use in your favor.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Spain
Meeting Mike was a lucky accident. For someone who had never bought a stock and got a headache whenever he heard about the Dow, becoming a trader was the furthest thing from my mind. However, in my time with Mike, concepts such as technical analysis, risk management, and trading strategies are no longer mysteries to me. I had the good fortune of having a professional who makes his living practicing what he preaches personally showing me the ropes.
Joseph Lai
Joseph Lai Vancouver, Canada
I have just started training with Mike Ser. Although I have been day trading every day for the past 2 years, I have not been able to achieve consistency. Mike’s price action approach to swing trading has definitely been enlightening. Price action explains the movement of the technical indicators. In fact, price action seems to act as a leading indicator. This approach works for both daily swing trades and intraday scalping.

I also find his coaching insightful and extremely helpful. Mike shares with you his analysis of the charts. Remarkably, he seems to have a crystal ball. Further, his methodology of setting up every trade with an entire trading plan takes the discipline of a professional trader, which is what we all want to be.
Pete Marcus
Pete Marcus New York, USA
I am a trader who has been trading successfully for the last 5 years. However, I have been looking for ways to improve my results by reducing the volatility in my portfolio. A friend told me about Mike and I was fortunate enough to meet with him for a private one on one meeting. I was impressed that Mike took the time out of his busy schedule to meet with me personally. After speaking with him, I decided to take his course. I was VERY impressed with his course on many levels. It starts at the basics, and methodically takes you through what is important, and what is not, leaving all the fluff by the wayside. He teaches you about the charts, money management, as well as the mental attitude required. Mike then walks you through many real time examples of his craft, dissecting his choices to show you his system in action. In addition, Mike is a competent and very patient teacher, taking the time to answer questions and mentor one through the process. I have learned a great deal and it has improved my trading system immensely. Taking his course has improved my own system, and what’s most important to me – I am seeing results.
Jorn Tabel
Jorn Tabel Vancouver, Canada

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