Mike has been an independent trader since 1999 and has trained thousands of traders since 2005. Growing up, he never thought he would become a trader given the perceived risks of the stock market but all that changed in the late 90’s during the so called DOT COM technology boom. In 1999, Mike achieved his first success trading technology stocks and proceeded to quit his job to become a full-time day trader. Once the technology boom ended, it was a frustrating several years for him to achieve the same level of success. In fact, it got so bad that he contemplated giving up on his passion for trading in 2003. With perseverance and drive at his side, he overcame those obstacles and in 2005, he achieved his second trading success. With this success, in 2006, Mike would open up his first trading education firm in vancouver to share his knowledge and experiences with the community. He would then go on to open trading offices in Toronto and New York. An immensely motivated teacher of all things stock market-related, Mike has been invited to speak at numerous trading events including the International Traders Expo and featured in the public media including Reuters, Macleans, SFO Magazine, Globe & Mail, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Inside Market Data and Investopedia.com. As well, he has been on the other side of the media as a finance columnist for Ming Pao, one of the most popular Chinese-language newspapers in Canada. His passion is trading and in his personal time, he loves traveling the world, having been all across North America, Europe and Asia. You can check out his personal blog at MIKESER.COM.




Andy was a civil engineer turned trader who went on to become one of Mike Ser’s top performing traders.  He began his trading career in 2006 when he attended a stock trading program taught by Mike. Having no prior knowledge or experience with the financial markets, he became fascinated about the possibilities in building wealth through trading. Like many traders who start out in trading, he failed miserably in his first year and lost money. However, he didn’t give up and continued to work closely with Mike to improve his trading skills. What was uncovered was his inability to trade the markets well in the mornings due to his inflexibility of his full-time job and therefore, he had to find another instrument to trade. In 2008, he decided to focus exclusively on the Gold and Silver market and learn as much about it as possible. He liked the idea that he could trade part time, and the Gold/Silver market was open 24 hours a day. Over the next few years, Andy’s trading improved dramatically and he became a consistently profitable trader. However, the big breakthrough of his trading career so far was in 2011. That year, he started with $1,600 in his trading account and subsequently, turned it into $1.7 Million. With this success, in 2012 Andy joined forces with Mike to share his knowledge of the Gold and Silver market to the community. In his personal time, Andy loves cars and can be seen busy building his dream car collection.